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Around the "home appliances to the countryside," the strange status of the eight

"Appliances to the countryside" and "3G" is undoubtedly the new year, the two most important words are not optimistic in the face of the economic situation, which is stimulating domestic demand are two important words. "Appliances to the countryside" project will be the home appliance business driven, the lower reaches of the whole industrial chain.

Up to 13% of the financial subsidies, "home appliances to the countryside" policies been introduced, it gives a great "temptation." "Appliances to the countryside" full extension, despite the much farmers happy, but the actual operation, some dealers shoddy, not high dealer enthusiasm gradually exposed, and because of special consumer market in rural areas, consumption habits lead to some of the interesting phenomena of concern.

A strange situation: the rural market about face-saving desktop PC more popular big box

Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich people who care about the service and the computer is to meet his special needs. Equipped with large screen, large desktop chassis face not only a lot more, but not easy to move because the property appears more secure.

Strange Situation 2: Dell, HP, Lenovo PC well known foreign brands ignored or

According to wave (Beijing) Electronic Huang, vice president of the countryside just to the study found that "in the rural market in addition to Lenovo, and other brand awareness is not high." Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich person, but for the other 90% of the potential consumers are still unfamiliar with the current computer.

Strange Situation three: dealers are more willing to sell "Plan" foreign products

"Appliances to the countryside" products for sale, you must shoot out the invoice, farmers can receive subsidies for tickets. But dealers believe that this increased the tax burden, many people took only one such opening sales tax evasion, or do not want to sell "home appliances to the countryside" products.

Strange Situation four: a trial of strength with the cottage's hard to say who is the winner

Cottage cheap mobile phones, feature-rich, appearance is also consistent with the preferences of many farmers, have occupied the absolute advantage of the rural market. Brand mobile phones to rural areas and cottage phone is bound to direct confrontation, who the winner is really hard to say.

Strange Situation five: with telecom operators, "bundling" PC makers to sell computers

With telecom operators in the rural outlets advantage, PC manufacturers can further penetrate the rural market. Similar "binding mode" already used in the home PC business. Founder, wave and PC companies such as Haier, have confirmed this cooperation.

Six strange situation: farmers complaining about the high price

Home appliances to the countryside in the Ministry of Commerce official website information management system, Chongqing Dazu's Zhang Yuehai complained that, "Skyworth 26L16SW price of 1,950 yuan released, while the reported price Taobao 1799 yuan, is it that some people in the name of home appliances to the countryside deceive the guise of rural consumers we do? "

Seven of strange situation: Dealer complaint is not making money

Chongqing's rural areas are also bringing home appliances dealer Lee information management system official on-line complaint. More than 1000 yuan appliances, purchase price and the price difference is only tens of dollars, but also pay taxes, but also packages delivered to your door, does not make much money. And is still going to participate because of the publicity has put a lot of early, not failed to be implemented and continue to participate go on, but also a small profit or a loss, I do not know what to do.

Strange situation of 8: defective products to sell appliances to the countryside into points

"Changjiang Daily" reporters in Hubei Xiaogan, Xiantao, doors and other places in the survey day, the dealer who declined to be named said that in some areas, there are some dealers out of individual non-winning products in a "home appliances Going down "signs, to repair machines and renovation Jiujia Dian, shoddy, new to the old charge, and then play half price, tickets sold to farmers on condition that 13% of farmers do not ask for financial subsidies. Some farmers believe that discount prices are more expensive to ask for financial subsidies trouble, it will let some unscrupulous traders an advantage.

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Appliances to the countryside policies: home appliances to the countryside policy is thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, an important measure to actively expand domestic demand, fiscal and trade policy is a breakthrough innovation. Main content, comply with the new trends in rural consumption upgrade, the use of fiscal, trade policy, guide and organize joint business, development, production characteristics for rural consumption, performance, reliability, quality assurance, reasonable price of home appliances, and to provide to meet the needs of farmers the flow and after-sales service; subsidies to farmers to buy into the range of household electrical appliances to give a certain percentage of financial subsidies, to activate the purchasing power of farmers and expand rural consumption, and promote the coordinated development of domestic and external demand.

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